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Wooden Birdhouses Provide Shelter for your Feathered Friends

Birds are fantastic creations of nature. They fill your surroundings with music and gaiety. Instead of waking up to the screaming of your alarm clock, rising to the sound of birds chirping is a wonderful experience indeed. It helps you banish the fatigue of urban living. The cheery sight of little birds in different colors and shapes playing every morning in your garden fills you with delight and prepares you for a tough day. If you want to invite birds to your yard, you have to help them set up a nest in your garden. All you have to do is put up a few wooden birdhouses in your garden. In a range of sizes and attractive designs, your birdhouse can truly prove to be a safe haven for birds. Especially at the coming of spring, when they are busy erecting homes to start a family, they will be ecstatic at finding a readymade home waiting for them.

A wooden construction for birdhouses is always preferred because it adds to a wild and rustic flavor to your garden. From the point of view of functionality, too, wooden birdhouses work better than ones made from other materials. The initial cost of a good quality wooden birdhouse may be higher than the other materials, but the maintenance cost of these birdhouses is considerably lower than plastic or other birdhouses. Birdhouses with wooden construction are generally sturdier than other materials. They are shock proof and have good insulating qualities. Moreover, wood is a material that breathes naturally and that helps keep the inside of the birdhouse comfortable.

The most recommended woods for your birdhouses are bald cypress, red cedar or oak. These are the types of woods that will best survive continuous exposure to the elements. You can also try relatively inferior woods or plywood, but they are not as durable as high quality woods.

If you are using cypress or cedar there is no need to paint over them. But in case of pinewood or plywood, you have to apply one or two coats of paint to prevent weathering. Always choose light pastel shades for your birdhouse. A dull color reflects heat better and also makes the birdhouse less noticeable to predators. The inside, however, should be free of paint or preservatives as the chemical fumes emanating from them may harm the birds. The walls of a birdhouse must be at least inches thick. It should also be provided with adequate drainage and ventilation.

It will be a moment of sheer delight to discover your wooden birdhouse being occupied by a family of birds. These backyard neighbors of yours will surely add a renewed level excitement to your everyday life.

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