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Window Bird Feeders Ensure Better Observation of the Birds

Observing birds and their amusing antics is a favorite pastime of many. It has great educational value as well. Bird feeders are a great way of drawing various species of birds to your little yard. However, those who are not lucky enough to have a lawn or backyard garden, can attach a feeder in any of the windows of their houses. These are called window bird feeders which allow you to have a closer view of the birds enjoying a feast and develop a better acquaintance with your neighborhood bird population.

You can choose from mainly two types of window feeders.

The first type can be attached to windowpanes using suction cups. A Velcro fastener provides additional support. You can typically fit these smaller feeders to any type or size of window.

The second type of feeders can be placed inside a windowsill. These feeders are again of three types. Some of them can be fitted on the outside of a closed window. Others, called solarium feeders, typically protrude inside the rooms through open windows. The third type sits on the outside of a window with the help of a tension pole. With these feeders you will have no trouble in closing the windows completely.

These windowsill feeders usually come with large seed trays. These trays contain larger amount of bird feeds and a large number of birds together can take their picks from the tray.

The windowsill feeders are also provided with one-way mirrors that enable you to observe the birds without making you visible to them.

These feeders are also more convenient than their window-attached counterparts, as you can access the feeder tray easily from the inside of your home.

However, solarium feeders require you to keep the windows open continuously which may cause security concerns and inconvenience during winters.

Before buying a widow feeder, check whether they are compatible with the dimension and system of your windows. The next step is to find out the window where the feeder will be most effective. The best solution is to mount the feeder in a window that opens on to greenery, shrubbery and flowerbeds. Sometimes the window feeders do not appear aesthetically pleasing. In that case you can fit them in any window at the back of your home.

As with the other types of bird feeders, you have to regularly clean window bird feeders. In addition to a simple rinsing, you may use a mild antibacterial detergent from time to time. With birds discovering this dining table, your window corner will soon become a source of great enjoyment for your whole family.

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