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For the Birds - Your Guide to Attracting Birds in Your Backyard
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Guide to Wild Bird Watching

Bird watching is one of the most relaxing activities, from which you can also learn a great deal by following bird's behavior and habits. Wild bird watching does not have to be done from an exotic destination such as Amazon but, you can entertain this hobby right from your backyard.

Recognize The Birds

If you enjoy wild bird watching start by getting educated in the domain and recognizing the birds in your own backyard. If you don't have a backyard you can always watch wild birds in any park or forest around your neighborhood as they migrate to and from south.

Here are a few of the wild birds you can find in your backyard if your pay attention and learn how to identify them: American Goldfish, Eastern Phoebe, Bald Eagle, Grackles, Eastern Bluebird, Hairy Woodpecker, Purple Martins, Crows, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Catbird, Cedar Waxwing, House Wren, Sparrows, Hummingbirds, Starlings, Robins, Dark-eye Junco and many, many more.

Basic Equipment Required For Wild Bird Watching

The basic equipment required for wild bird watching is: a pair of binoculars in order to observe the birds closely, a journal to write down the types of birds you encounter and their different behavior, a hat to give you shade from the sun during the summer days, water to keep you hydrated and some snacks as well for the times when you want to watch the wild birds for long periods of time at a stretch.

Wild bird watching is a hobby that can be pursued all year round as different wild birds appear at different times of the year and you should be prepared to observe each one as they make their appearance.

How To Attract Wild Birds

Wild bird watching is not always easy as birds have very sensitive hearing and instincts, which can at times give you away thus, ruining your watch. However, you can attract the wild birds by creating special bird houses where you can place seeds in order to get their attention.

Another way to attract wild birds so you can watch and observe them is to install a birdbath, which during the hot summers will attract them as a magnet especially if there are no other sources of water near by. Enjoy wild bird watching everyday whether it is in your backyard or the exotic Amazon forest as the millions of bird species will surprise and amaze you every season.