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Stone Bird Baths

Stone bird baths combine a traditional and aristocratic style of decoration with an awareness of your environment and those who share it with you.

What can be a better way of showing your environment friendliness than creating a source of clean water for birds, which they can use for bathing and drinking? Especially during droughts and the dry months of the year, a well-designed bird bath can be a boon for these beautiful little creatures.

Bird baths come in many shapes and sizes, including pure stone baths, wooden baths, a combination of wood and stone, plastic baths, mosaic stone baths, glass baths and metal baths. Actually, any material is suitable that can stand the continuous wear and tear of an outdoor environment for many years and still look beautiful.

Each type of bird bath is suitable for certain styles of garden decoration. If you're looking for a bird bath to suit your modern, hi-tech, snazzy garden, you'd probably want a bird bath with a brushed metal or a bronze appearance. But to achieve an old-world charm and a classical look for your garden, go for a stone bird bath. If you're thinking of imposing a Roman or ancient Greek or fairy-tale theme on your garden, then a stone bird bath is an essential set piece you'd want to buy.

The best stone bird baths are those that are sculpted directly from stone out of the quarry. Sandstone is one of the best materials for stone bird baths. Mass-produced bird baths are more affordable, but lack class. If you're willing to pay that extra bit for a really classy item, look for a hand-crafted and hand-polished stone bird bath.

When buying your stone bird bath, make sure that it is shallow enough to allow your little avian friends to perch safely in the water itself. Some baths don't pay attention to this detail, resulting in the death of many small birds by drowning. Alternatively, place some small rocks or pieces of stone in the bowl, to allow birds to perch on them. And place the bath out in the open, where bathing birds can see all around and be warned of approaching danger, like the predatory house cat.

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