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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for Hassle Free Bird Feeding

Who does not enjoy the funny antics of squirrels? However, bird lovers are not always pleased to see them prancing around in the garden. This is because these little creatures are quite infamous for wreaking havoc on the bird feeders. They not only waste the expensive birdseeds stored to attract wild birds, they also scare away their winged rivals and make a mess of the bird feeder itself. You simply have to think of some passive deterrents to stop these fearless creatures from hijacking the bird feeders. The solution lies in squirrel-proof bird feeders. The idea behind this special kind of bird feeder is to deny the squirrels access to the birdfeeders.

The bird feeders that are meant to keep away the squirrels are based on various strategies.

  • A dome-shaped baffle is commonly used in these bird feeders. They prevent the squirrels from climbing the pole on which the feeding device is mounted.
  • Some expensive bird feeders work on mechanical principles to deny squirrels access. Such devices use two weigh sensitive guards and once anything as heavy as a squirrel comes over the feeder, the entrance is closed.
  • Some new types of bird feeders also use an external cage to keep away the squirrels. However, the bigger birds are also deterred by this mechanism.
  • You can also make a device at home to put off squirrels. Install a suitable kitchen utensil over the feeder. For example, pie pans make great baffles for your bird feeders. You can also buy plastic baffles and then add them to the bird feeder to make it squirrel proof.
  • For better protection, mount the feeder at least 6 feet above the ground so that a squirrel can't reach the feeder by leaping and the baffle should be placed at least 5 feet above the ground at the time of fixing it to the mounting pole.

Bird specialty stores will give you more advanced arrangements to baffle the army of squirrels that raid your garden every winter. You can also ask your neighbors for more intelligent tricks. In addition to buying a squirrel-proof bird feeder, you can also put a squirrel feeder in your garden. That way you can forge a truce with the whole gang of squirrels and continue to enjoy the harmonious coexistence of squirrels and their feathered rivals!

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