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A Solar Birdbath Adds Life to Your Garden

Imagine how beautiful it would be if a flock of chattering birds gathered every morning in your backyard and filled your garden with energetic vibes with their vivacious chirping and flapping of wings. Well you can have this little piece of drama enacted in your garden every day throughout the year, if you make arrangements to install a solar birdbath in your garden or lawn.

Birdbaths are basically a combination of a pedestal holding a shallow basin that is filled with water in which the birds can take a dip as well as quench their thirst. Particularly in the dry seasons these birdbaths seem to be really inviting for the birds. These small and attractive puddles meant for the birds can be made of any weatherproof materials including metal, stone, concrete or plastic. In order to save you the hassles of daily cleaning, modern birdbaths use a recirculating pump and in many cases the pump is powered by solar energy.

There are many reasons why a bird lover like you will choose a solar birdbath over an ordinary birdbath.

The first reason is this special bath is the most hygienic option for you as well as your feathered friends. This type of bath helps keep the water in the basin in constant motion. A reservoir is placed on the ground below, from which a solar powered pump draws water to slowly circulate it in the basin. With this continuous circulation process, the water always remains clean as opposed to stagnant water, which runs the risk of becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. However, an enzyme treatment at regular intervals ensures that the water remains fresh and the container remains dirt free for a longer stretch of time.

Second, birdbaths backed by solar energy can attract a larger number of birds than a regular birdbath. That is because birds can better locate the moving water in the basin from a greater height than they are able to do with stagnant water.

Third, they are particularly ideal for winters. What you have to do with a solar-powered birdbath is simply place it under the sun; it will gather energy all day long and remain unfrozen for the rest of the day. On the other hand in the summer, it will keep the water in the basin cool.

Fourth, their installation is total trouble-free without the requirement of any extra wiring or plumbing or wastage of electricity. You can place them in any corner of your house.

A solar birdbath is undoubtedly an attractive addition to your garden that also ensures better health for you, your birds and the environment surrounding you.

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