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Soda Bottle Bird Feeders

A soda bottle bird feeder is something you can easily make for yourself or your children, to provide hours of pure, joyous entertainment to the whole family. Also, it is a token of appreciation that we can use to show our gratitude to nature.

How can you ensure that all the seed that you put into a feeder doesn't get used up at once? Well, think of the shape of a soda bottle. If you fill it with bird feed and turn it upside down, the narrow bottle neck (with some improvements to it) will prevent all of it from falling out at once. This is the essential idea behind a soda bottle bird feeder.

You can easily make a soda bottle bird feeder yourself, but there are also commercial do-it-yourself kits available to make your job a little easier. There are three things that you need to keep in mind while making one.

First, you need to put the feeder in a place where the birds can sit at ease and peck at the opening to collect the seeds. The best way to do this is to attach appropriately positioned perch-like structures to the feeder itself. Use super glue to achieve this.

Next, you need something with which you can hang it up. Making two small holes at the bottom of the bottle (in addition to the large hole through which you shall funnel in the seeds) and passing a bit of nylon string through them will do nicely.

Lastly, you need to make some kind of improvement to the bottle neck so that the seeds don't come tumbling out on their own, but are released one by one when birds peck at it. Take a bit of stiff wire and bend one end in three places so that it resembles the three sides of a rectangle. Insert the straight end deep enough into the packed seed so that only the bent end remains near the mouth. This will create enough obstruction at the feeder's mouth to serve your purpose.

A soda bottle bird feeder is also useful in another way - it teaches your kids and those in your neighborhood how a non-biodegradable environment-unfriendly thing like a plastic soda bottle can be turned into something that helps your living environment.

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