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Rustic Birdhouses

A rustic birdhouse can change the look of your yard dramatically. It can be an artistic statement for your house. There is always the regular pleasure of owning a birdhouse: having a family of birds nesting in your backyard is quite intriguing.

There are a number of different makes of rustic birdhouses available in the market. You will also find many Internet stores which offer you rustic birdhouses. You can check their photographs online and order your own birdhouse only after you are satisfied with the look of the product.

However, there is always this catch that, until the birdhouse is delivered to your place, you are unable to know how it exactly turns out to be. Even when you are buying the birdhouse directly from the local store, check out on its specifications. Be assured that the wood that has been used to make the house is quality material. It will not do if the wood is not termite proof or insect resistant.

When you are buying a rustic birdhouse, do not be taken away by its looks alone. As much as looks are important, so are its measurements and other features. Ideally, a birdhouse should allow adequate ventilation, so that the nest does not get heated. There should be a proper drainage system, so that the box dries out quickly. A damp box is not healthy for birds.

Also see to it that the birdhouse allows you adequate access for cleaning and observing. The entrance hole should be appropriate for the kind of bird you are trying to invite into your yard. The entrance hole's ideal measure differs from species to species. For example, a Wren requires a 1.25 cm diameter hole, a Northern Flicker needs a hole around 2.5 in, and the Purple Martin needs a hole anywhere around 2-3 inches in diameter.

When you go for a rustic birdhouse, you have a number of different artistic and innovative houses to choose from. For example, you can buy a moose lodge birdhouse with a nice porch and chimneys. Or you can buy a complete country barn replica for your front yard.

But do not waste your time on reading any more, go out and buy your rustic birdhouse and watch those Wrens, House Finches and Martins come in!

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