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Pole Bird Feeders

If you are a backyard birder, you must have already thought of installing a bird feeder in the garden. Even the smallest patch of garden has the power to attract birds in impressive numbers. And if you add a bird feeder to your square of green, your love for birds will be satisfied completely.

Perhaps you are in a fix about where exactly to put the feeder. Maybe there are no trees or no fence near the spot of your choice out in the open. Do not get dejected. Those birds will not be disappointed in their quest for food at your yard. Install a pole bird feeder.

A pole bird feeder is a contraption that you set up on your yard and put bird feed in. This set up does not require your feeder to hang from somewhere. The feeder rests squarely on the pole, safely away from the ground.

For the best results in your backyard project of attracting birds, you should make your garden more attractive by adding nests and a feeder that provides both food and plenty of water for drinking and bathing.

A pole bird feeder can be anything from a simple platform on a post to a complicated contraption upon a pole. One of the most important reasons to have a pole bird feeder is its relative inaccessibility to cats. It's not easy for cats to get upon the pole bird feeder. Incidentally, cats are the greatest menace for birds. According to the American Bird Conservancy in Washington, each year hundreds of millions of birds get killed by prowling domestic cats.

There are a number of pole bird feeders available in different makes that prevent squirrels from raiding the food that is meant for the birds. There are bird feeders that come complete with their own pole kit. And there are also pole kits available in the market which fit most available bird feeders. Even if you have a bird feeder already, most probably you have mounting facilities in it. The poles come quite cheap too, at around US$15 apiece. With a little extra money, you can get pole extenders too. This will doubly ensure the safety of the birds from cats and other prowling animals.

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