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Place an Oriole Feeder and Let the Spring Usher in Your Garden

Beautiful orioles announce the advent of spring. These small creatures in a vibrant combination of flaming orange and jet-black feathers rightly complement your colorful garden at the turn of spring. Their intricately woven pouch-shaped nests are suspended from the tops of the branches and spice up your garden. With the ethereal sweetness of their voices, they fill you with immense joy. If you really want the charms of spring to be felt in your garden, you have to attract orioles to it. Attracting orioles means among other things, placing a proper oriole feeder in your garden. Here we offer a few tips for choosing the right feeder for orioles.

Orioles are basically insectivorous. During summer and during the nesting season in spring, they love to eat juicy fruits like oranges, cherries, berries, mulberries or brambles. Nuts and figs are also among their favorite foods for this time of the year. They also love grapes, apple jelly and orange marmalade. Because of their food preferences, the feeds for orioles have to be offered in special feeders.

First of all, you would need a platform feeder to offer orange halves, which is a very important component of an oriole's diet throughout the breeding season. The orange halves can also be offered on a deck railing that you can nail firmly on a convenient tree trunk to attract orioles. Peach and apple slices can also be offered in the same manner.

Orioles also love to have sugar water, as it most closely resembles flower nectar in taste. To feed nectar or jelly, you have to use a tube shaped nectar feeder or humming bird feeder. You can fill up the feeder with a funnel. You can also rub some vegetable oil on the sides of the feeder to stop the bees from entering.

If you are offering a jelly with a thicker consistency, then use a small dish on a platform feeder.

Mealworms, which are another favorite with orioles and are also a good source of protein, can be placed in fruit holders or other containers with straight sides with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 inches. It will prevent the mealworms from climbing out of the containers.

An ideal feeder for orioles should come complete with a nectar holder, a space for fixing orange and other fruit slices, and spacious perches and ports for offering jelly. The material should be sturdy and shock proof and the feeder should be provided with easy top removal system for convenience in cleaning and refilling. You can either suspend it from rods or pole-mount them at a height above 7 ft.

To ensure that the orioles keep coming back, you have to keep the oriole feeder clean and hygienic. Use warm water at the time of rinsing the feeder and fill it with fresh juice every time. All your efforts will be rewarded when you will find the orioles returning to the feeding station in your garden along with their little ones.

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