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Hummingbird Food: There's more than one way to attract hummingbirds

Many people would agree that hummingbirds are one of the loveliest types of birds to attract to your home. But as you probably already know, they do not eat seed like most other birds do.

There are three different ways you can feed hummingbirds: plant the right kinds of flowers in your garden, buying hummingbird food, or making your own.

If you've got a green thumb and want to attract them with a hummingbird garden, then some of the best flowers to plant are honeysuckle, clematis, impatiens, phlox, bee balm, and fuchsias.

This is lovely if you spend a lot of time near the garden, but many prefer to see them in plain sight near a window. If you would like to do this instead of or in addition to planting a hummingbird garden, then you can either purchase the nectar for your bright feeder, or you can make it yourself.

Hummingbird food recipe:

1 part sugar
4 parts water

First, bring the water to a boil, and then slowly add the sugar. Let it boil for a few minutes, then remove from the burner to cool. Store any excess nectar in the refrigerator.

Don't try to get fancy and overcomplicate the recipe, food coloring is not good for the birds. Do not add other sweeteners, either, just use plain sugar, honey will ferment and artificial sweeteners have no nutritional content and may be bad for the birds as well.

If you are using a feeder, make sure you wash it every few days to prevent mold. If you create the right conditions, you're likely to create a beautiful hummingbird haven!