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How to Choose a Purple Martin House

If you want to install a birdhouse in your yard that is specifically meant for the delightful Purple Martin, you should get a birdhouse made to exact specifications. Or if you are buying one, get to know the essentials of a Purple Martin birdhouse, so that you can pick one up at the hobby store easily.

Purple Martins are Attracted to White

Try to keep the exterior of the birdhouse white. The Purple Martin is attracted by the color white. Check out that the access way is easy for a bird to use. You might get a fancy looking birdhouse that is absolutely ok in all respects other than its doorway. That won't make a good birdhouse. For a Purple Martin, the entry hole to the birdhouse should be around 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter. And the hole should be situated around 1 inch above the floor of the birdhouse. This height makes it easy for the Purple Martin to hop through.

Pick an Open Space

When you put up a birdhouse for Purple Martins, you should be careful about the spot you are choosing. Since they like open spaces, it is advisable that you put the birdhouse in a relatively open space, preferably with a body of water nearby.

Start Small

When you are setting up your first birdhouse for Purple Martins, do not get a large house. With these birds, you can never predict if they will like your house or not. It is always better to get a house with around 5-6 rooms and, when the Martins move in, only then go for a larger birdhouse.

Choose Houses with Spacious Rooms

The Purple Martin grows to an average of eight inches with a wingspan of twelve. Therefore, be sure that the rooms in the birdhouse are not less than six inches on all sides. Otherwise, if a Martin feels cramped within its new nest, it might not choose to stay.

Make Sure the House is Safe and Comfortable

If you fancy some particular birdhouse, check it out for easy access, so that you can monitor the birds' behavior and clean the house when needed. Check for proper ventilation and drainage holes. Finally, make sure that the structure and the pole are sturdy enough that they do not tip over.

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