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Hopper Bird Feeders

If you are an avid birder, go for a hopper bird feeder this year. There's nothing better to adorn your backyard. The good thing about a hopper bird feeder is that, being open, it allows you a splendid view of birds innocently pecking on food.

Bird feeders come in various makes from different companies. They can be simple platforms on a post, hanging tubes filled with grains or hoppers. Bushtits and woodpeckers, birds that feed on insects and worms, get more easily attracted to suet feeders. Hummingbirds love sugar-water feeders. But a hopper bird feeder is one of the most universally liked feeders that you can install in the patch of green yard adjacent to your idyllic home.

Before going into further details, one thing must be pointed out. A hopper bird feeder, like any other feeders, should be regularly cleaned by birders. Otherwise they might get infected by bacteria. Also, you should plant your hopper bird feeder in such a way that, it becomes a daunting task for your local domestic cats to disrupt the tranquility of the feeder. Cats are probably the biggest menace to birds in domestic areas. To make your hopper bird feeder safe from the clutches of a prowling cat, place the feeder in a spot from where the brushy vegetation is not very close. This will prevent cats from hiding themselves in the green and ambush unsuspecting birds.

Before buying your hopper bird feeder, make sure that it has proper perching space for a number of birds. If the perching space is small, it will be difficult for most birds to get through. Also, you will notice that most of the time, one kind of birds dominating the feeder. Best thing is to buy a larger feeder which can accommodate quite a few birds at the same time. Make sure that it holds lots of seeds. In the market you will easily find hopper bird feeders with a capacity to hold around 5 quarts of grains.

Keep in mind to buy a hopper bird feeder that has transparent sides, so that, when the birds feed on the seed, you are not completely blocked away from the sight. Choose a Plexiglas installed feeder. If the feeder is made of cedar wood, it is the best possible choice since cedar weathers well.

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