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Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Because of their amazing speed, beauty, and grace, hummingbirds are among the most entertaining companions you can have in your garden or backyard. Since hummingbird habitats more or less cover all of the US, glass hummingbird feeders can really make your garden a favorite hangout joint for hummers.

Why glass hummingbird feeders? Well, most hummingbird feeders are made either of glass or plastic, but I would recommend glass feeders for two reasons. One, they are really easy to clean and sterilize and two, with a little care, they will last forever without losing their original beauty. Plastic, in contrast, is cheaper, but fades and discolors easily, and is harder to maintain in terms of cleaning and sterilizing.

As a birding enthusiast friend once observed, all she asked of a hummingbird feeder was that it be easy to clean, durable, and easy to hang. Not only do glass hummingbird feeders satisfy these three criteria, they also look absolutely gorgeous. As for cost, you may have to pay anything between $15 and $40, but trust me - the price is worth it in the long run. However, make sure you check that the feeder of your choice doesn't have too many detachable or breakable parts.

As more and more birding enthusiasts rush to buy hummingbird feeders, it is hardly surprising that an increasing number of home-improvement stores and garden centers stock a wide range of glass bottle feeders. Of these, obviously, some will be better at attracting hummingbirds than others, which is what you will have to look for when you buy.

Do you want a small feeder or a large one? Small feeders will usually have a single feeding port while larger ones will have two or more. I recommend starting out with a small feeder (typically, about 235 ml), because since hummingbirds begin feeding at the crack of dawn, feeders have to be put out early, and the cane sugar-water solution in a large feeder will spoil earlier than that in a small feeder. Do all glass hummingbird feeders have perches? No, but I feel it is wiser to opt for those that do, since hummingbirds burn up so many calories in flight that a rest while feeding will do them good.

Though, as I said, glass hummingbird feeders come in all shapes and sizes, I have notched up some personal favorites over the years. On this list are feeders shaped like a giant strawberry, a flower, a climbing vine, a heart, and a bell. I've always had more faith in hanging feeders, though some people prefer window feeders because it gives them a better view. However, in case of a window feeder, you must take extra care to ensure that the hummers don't crash into glass panes.

Finally, most glass hummingbird feeders contain the color red, to which the birds are attracted, so don't put red additives into your hummingbird nectar feed. Stick to a simple solution of cane sugar and water.

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