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Gazebo Birdhouses

In appreciation of nourishment and sustenance that you derive daily from your environment, provide a little bit of hospitality to birds - the exquisite little inhabitants of the air around you. Build a gazebo birdhouse for them in your garden or backyard.

A gazebo is a large, round pavilion structure that is normally found in decorated gardens, public places, town squares, lake sides and so forth. It is an observation point, meant for the delectation of prosperous citizens or those who would like to meditate in the lap of nature and yet enjoy some sort of shelter from rough weather. It provides a cool shade or warm days, and rudimentary shelter while being an ornamental item that enhances the beauty of the landscape.

A birdhouse shaped like a gazebo is also an observation point, but in this case the observation is being done from the other direction! Birds visit these miniature gazebo's hung high up out of harm's way (mainly the house cat) in your garden, and you can spend many delightful hours with your family and kids and a pair of binoculars, watching the comings and goings of the many-colored inhabitants of the air.

It is especially during the months of too much heat or too much cold that gazebo birdhouses become really useful to birds. The unique shape of the gazebo birdhouse is specially suited to them because while it provides some degree of shelter from the elements, it is essentially an open structure. This makes it attractive to our feathered friends, who do not know the taste of confinement. They are likely to find more closed structures claustrophobic and unattractive.

The openness of the structure has the additional benefit of allowing a number of birds to enter it at once. If you want to take advantage of this and attract birds in large numbers and of many different colors, you could install a bird feeder inside it. You should determine the size of the gazebo birdhouse you want to buy depending on how many birds you want inside at once and how large a feeder you want to install in it.

A gazebo birdhouse also allows you a better and clearer view of the activity inside than any other structure could. So encourage the amateur ornithologist in your family by buying this decorative and environment-friendly item today and hanging it up in your garden.

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