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Make Your Garden Spectacular with Decorative Birdhouses

Waking up every morning amidst the chirping of birds and the sounds from the flapping of their wings is a delightful experience, which fills you with energetic vibrations throughout the day. The simplest way of attracting birds to your garden is to place beautiful decorative birdhouses in it. Not only do they add to the beauty and charm of your garden, they also help your little piece of greenery come to life with the songs of birds and their activities. An imaginative use of these birdhouses - that come in all imaginable shapes, colors, sizes and styles - can render a unique character to your garden.

You can find birdhouses in multiple colors, sizes and designs, both in the local stores as well as on the Internet. If chosen carefully, the birdhouses in your garden will be a source of joy for you and offer shelter for your feathered friends for years to come. However, while choosing a birdhouse to decorate your garden, keep the following points in mind.

  • Choose the birdhouse to complement the overall theme of your garden and the types of shrubbery that you have around.
  • Invest in a sturdy and high quality product. It may be costlier, but it will serve you longer. A birdhouse with a poor construction cannot survive more than one or two seasons.
  • The birdhouses should be pretty as well as functional. Functionality means an easy accessibility to the house by both you and your feathered friends.
  • A birdhouse must be provided with a "clean out". This is a sliding panel or small door put up at the back, on top or at the bottom of birdhouses, to allow you to remove the filth and leftover birdfeed at regular intervals.
  • Choice of the right material for your birdhouse is also important. If you would like to go for a rustic look, make sure to concentrate on wooden birdhouses. In case of better quality woods like oak or cedar, you can leave them unpainted to retain the natural look. In case of lesser quality woods, you need to protect them from natural exposure by putting on a few coats of paint.
  • You can also choose a plastic birdhouse, which is lightweight and is better equipped to withstand exposure to natural elements like rain and snow. But the plastic should be thick.
  • While placing the birdhouses in your garden, refrain from placing two or more of them too close together. Like most other animals, birds are extremely territory-oriented and will never move into a nest too near somebody else's.

Decorative birdhouses are a perfect way of enjoying wildlife right in your yard. It will be a delightful as well as rewarding experience to find a family of little creatures setting up home in the beautiful house provided by you. Rest assured, your feathered neighbors will be equally delighted to have found a great home all done up and waiting just for them.

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