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Copper Birdbaths

When we were younger, metal birdbaths were less visible than their concrete counterparts. However, as the benefits of metal birdbaths began to become more evident, copper birdbaths gained in popularity. The prime advantage of these birdbaths is that not only are they extremely durable, but also extremely good-looking, thus adding immensely to your garden in terms of beauty and decoration. That apart, they are also easier to heat than concrete birdbaths, and that is a major plus in sub-zero conditions.

What are the popular types of copper birdbaths and how much do they cost? Well, the variety is tremendous and prices range from affordable to moderately expensive, but for your convenience, we list some popular types of copper birdbaths below:

  • You could go in for the solar birdbath fountains, which would cost roughly between $150 and $200. These fountains are usually multi-tiered for maximum aesthetic effect, with water cascading down through the central bowl to make the splashing sound that birds love. Since these run on solar energy, you don't pay running costs and do away with messy wiring. All you do is place the birdbath's solar panel in sunlight and add water. Should you need to bring the birdbath indoors you will need an adapter to run it, but most manufacturers supply it, so no worries.
  • Solar copper birdbath fountains are also available without the tiers, though the principle remains the same. Essentially, water flows around the central basin and recycles in a hidden reservoir, from where a low-voltage pump draws it out. Additionally, since most solar birdbaths are made from natural copper, they form a patina over time, enhancing the fountain's beauty. Prices range from $160-200.
  • Several copper birdbaths are also available for as little as $60, and are usually handcrafted and placed on a pedestal. The height is usually lower than solar birdbaths, though you get the same patina effect.
  • If you prefer, you can opt for hanging copper birdbaths, which once again fall in the affordable category at between $45 and $60. The main advantage of these birdbaths is that you can hang them up anywhere, whether on a tree or on a feeder. Of course, these are not very large, so they are best suited to smaller species.
  • Copper ground birdbaths are similarly priced to the hanging birdbaths. While not suitable for households that contain cats or other predatory animals, these are ideal for young birds that can't yet fly very far. Typically, the birdbath comprises a round bowl that is placed on a simple base.
  • Ground level copper birdbaths are also available in the higher-price category, at between $140 and $200. However, these more expensive models are usually placed on pedestals a good three to four feet above the ground and heavier than the less expensive models, with a larger central bowl.

Still thinking about buying your model?

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