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Cardinal Bird Feeders

Why do we love cardinals so much? Of course, it is a songbird par excellence, and their vivid red feathers and magnificent crests help matters. However, I think the biggest reason we love these beautiful birds is their infectious love of life and their enthusiasm to feed at every available bird feeder. And when they're not feeding, they're singing as though to pay fro their meals! What more can you ask for?

However, even though they love bird feeders, cardinal bird feeders need to conform to certain specifications, because cardinals are not exactly indiscriminate about their feeders. To begin with, they prefer bird feeders that are at least six feet above ground level, and love it all the more if it is stationary instead of hanging in midair.

What kind of food do cardinals like? Well, their love of sunflower seeds is legendary. In fact, they love sunflower seeds so much that they actually take the trouble to sift through the seed mixture to get to the sunflower seeds first. That said, they also like millet and safflower seeds, but only if sunflower seeds aren't available. So if you were wondering what to fill your cardinal bird feeder with, now you know.

Those who know about these things usually place a cardinal bird feeder in trees that border a lawn or garden. That is because cardinals most often nest in shrubs or bushes that face towards a lawn or an open space, preferably in an area that has a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees, which includes most of North America. Also, cardinals don't migrate, so at best, they may move with a five-mile radius of their habitat. Therefore, if your cardinal bird feeder offers the right conditions, a cardinal clan may decide to stay near it for life.

Cardinals typically eat early in the morning and late in the evening, and if you watch out for them, you may be treated to the touching sight of cardinal pairs actually feeding each other, especially in late winter, which is the mating season. In general, however, male cardinals usually fight for their place at the feeder.

So now you all about cardinal bird feeders, why not take that little bit of effort to make your garden a cardinal haven?

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