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Bird Watching: An Ideal Hobby for a Nature Lover

Bird watching is a hobby that directly connects you to the environment. Surrounded by the little feathered creatures twittering happily, flapping their wings or trying busily to keep their little households running, you will be able rise above the tensions of every day life. For this experience you do not have to travel to a wild life sanctuary, you can create one right in your own garden.

The hobby of watching birds primarily involves the observation of birds and their activities. More ardent watchers make a detailed list of species observed over different places or at a given location at the particular point of year. Detailed observations are made on looks, sounds, behaviors, and homes of different species of birds. You can find devoted bird watchers in all corners of the world. In the USA alone, over 50 million people seriously pursue the hobby of bird watching. If you are considering taking a plunge in this relaxing practice as a pastime, read on for some useful tips to make your watching experience more rewarding.

Enter the kingdom of birds by just stepping out to your backyard. Here you will find the easily identifiable local birds flocking together everyday. Next, visit the local park for more variations in your observation. As you progress in your experience, you can reach out to more extensive areas for a bigger exploration.

Early morning is the best part of the day for getting to observe highest number of birds. This is the time when birds are at their busiest in search of food and are hence easier to locate. The spring and fall are the golden times of the year for earnest bird watchers. At these times of the year, millions of bird watchers gather in the temperate zones where countless varieties of migratory birds fly down from the chilly north.

In addition to a pen and notebook, a bird watcher must carry with him a field guide, containing the photos and descriptions of variety of birds and a binocular at the time of observing birds. A camera and a spotting scope are the equipments that you may add to your carrying list once you mature in your experience.

B.T.O. and RSPB in the U. K, and the National Audubon Society and American Birding Association in the USA are prominent associations looking after the interests of serious bird watchers. BirdLife International is a global body also related to bird conservation. Professional bird watchers can also take part in such competitions as Big Day in the USA and Bird Race in UK, which have acquired worldwide repute in the circle of ardent bird watchers.

In a nut shell, bird watching is a wonderful hobby that you can enjoy in solitude or in the company of family and friends. This popular outdoor hobby is just perfect for everybody irrespective of age or gender. If nothing else, it is a practical way of learning about the rules of nature.

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