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How to Plan Your Own Bird Watching Vacation

You should be careful when planning a bird watching vacation since planning one's own trip would certainly help save money as well as time and also allows you to choose where to go and what birds to view. In addition, one may also choose the activities to take part in, when not bird watching.

With the proper planning of a bird watching vacation, you would be able to choose the type of birds that you are most interested in viewing and plan the accommodations as well as other community interests to suit your own needs. Another advantage of planning one's own bird watching vacation is that you can have your own family accompany you on the vacation, irrespective of whether they enjoy bird watching or not.

What is Required For a Vacation And Where Can it Be Found?

There are many resources available for developing the bird watching adventure further and they include Where The Birds Are and Birdfinder and A Birders Guide to Planning North American Trips, which are books that give all the lowdown on national parks as well as national wildlife refuges as well as state parks, forest, nature preserves and research stations, deserts and much more.

Besides these resources, there is also need to select a particular area, be it a state park, refuge or research station and research the area and for this the Internet is a good starting point. A good resource for this is Peters website 10001 Vacation Ideas and besides this, one may also make use of regional guide books because mostly, not all birds in a state are found in one area. Also, every state as well as most cities has a department of tourism and one may contact them to find out more information.

Once you have found a bird watching vacation spot, the next step would be to make a list of potential birds that you are looking for. Another major factor that will help one decide on a particular bird watching vacation spot is the weather out there, especially if it happens to be located in a desert or on a mountain; so keep the proper attire on hand. The next step is to plan how to reach the bird watching vacation spot and in case time is not a constraint one may consider driving there. It may also mean picking your own accommodation places.