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Making A Bird Watching Trip Memorable

A bird watching trip doesn't have to be a journey to your backyard, it can be so much more. Avid birders, as bird watchers are called, have long since been traveling far and wide to find the most rare birds and species that are native to where they live.

To find a bird to watch, all you have to do is look for sources of food. It could be a birdfeeder, a large dense forest full of unique trees and flowers, or shallow water areas where a large flock of birds may migrate. A bird watching trip usually involves a group of people who are avid in bird watching, joining together to enjoy the species in their natural habitat, wherever that may be.

Where To Go On Your Adventure

There are thousands of bird watching trips around the world held on a daily basis. Weekends you will find hundreds of bird watchers gathering at their local nature preserve, or hiking trails. If you are looking for an extended bird watching trip you should consider an organized tour. Fantastic bird watching trips are held in Washington State. Olympic National Park for example has over 300 species of birds, at least 18 species are found only in that park.

Maine and New England Mountains are considered the best in the fall season. The mountains are covered with over 400 species of birds native to New England. The longest trail for bird watching is found in Florida. The 2000-mile trail called The Great Florida Birding Trail is a popular area for bird watching trips. Each state has something unique and special about their area that can be any bird watchers Mecca.

What To Bring On Your Bird Watching Trip

You don't have to bring professional camera and gear to take pleasure in a bird watching trip. Nowadays, any digital camera with a quick shooting speed and zoom capability will do. A field guide always comes in handy and is available at any bird watching site. They tell you what type of birds to look for as well as where the best places to find them are.

Of course no bird watching trip would be complete with a pair of excellent binoculars. They are the eyes of any avid bird watcher. Keep your notebook accessible to write down any of the amazing birds you see along the way. All these items, along with pictures to last a lifetime, will make any bird watching trip memorable.