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Buying The Right Bird Watching Telescope

To spot a bird at a distance can you give you enjoyment, but to view a bird through a bird watching telescope can be thoroughly exciting. The true sport of bird watching can only be enhanced with the proper bird watching telescope. Even more so than binoculars, scopes as they are sometimes called add a whole new dimension for bird watching enthusiasts. The following are some tools to find a suitable bird watching telescope for your hobby.

A bird watching telescope are typically mounted on tripods and are much more powerful than binoculars. They can start at a magnification of 15x and go as high as 60x, depending on the telescope you buy. The zoom attachments allow you variably degrees of magnification, and depending on where you are using the bird watching telescope you may need the highest that is allowed. Other features used are separate focus knobs that allow you to change your magnification and clearness of the bird you are watching. A tripod and handle can also come with the telescope to allow panning and tilting of the telescope to be able to achieve easy viewing.

Quality Bird Watching Telescopes

You've now decided that you need to purchase a quality bird watching telescope, but the next question is what is the best one to buy? There are many different choices, and many of them may be suitable for your needs. Prices range from $100.00 to several hundreds more, so if your budget is under $500 for example then the Vortex Skyline telescope may be the one for you. It is good for walking with, very light but full sized and waterproof. It comes with a 20x to 60x zoom and the resolution is remarkably good at even the 20x zoom.

The best full sized bird watching telescope is thought to be the Zeiss 85mm Diascope. It has a 20x to 60x Vario eyepiece giving it the best resolution out of any full size camera. The Zeiss is brighter at dusk than any scope out there, and has gotten some of the best reviews from avid bird watchers as being lightweight and easy to pack up.

For the best of the smaller scope that is extremely lightweight and fabulous for hiking you should purchase the Swarovski ATS65 HD scope. With a 20x to 60x eyepiece it provides amazing clarity, detail, and contrast. It is a highly maneuverable scope and is great for use out of a moving car.

As with any bird watching telescope, you should do your homework and find the best scope for you. Look for sales if you are looking for a higher priced telescope, and speak to other bird watchers in your group to see what their preference would be. This telescope can last you for many happy bird watching years to come.