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A Bird Watching Guide to Proper Bird Watching Ethics

When you thinks about bird watching, it is not uncommon for one to associate it with a leisurely activity that one could do just as easily in a suburban backyard as in a wildlife reserve. However, no matter where the bird watching is done, it is important to show the proper respect for one's surroundings. Thus, a bird watching guide to rules of conduct while bird watching is something that all bird watchers should follow.

Bird Watching Guide to Ethics Rule #1: Respect the Birds

Upon first encountering a bird watching guide to proper rules of conduct, you should stop for a moment and consider the position of the birds. If you were a bird, would you want to be heckled and forced to show yourself just so someone could take a look at you with a pair of binoculars? The answer to this question would hopefully be a "no."

Thus, the most important rule in a bird watching guide to ethics is to respect the birds and the environment that you are bird watching in. It really is all about restraint in terms of watching the birds. Birds are easily startled, so it is important to use all recording photography, and film equipment with care, especially if you are bird watching in an area in which there are a lot of birds.

Also, respect the nesting habits of the birds but keeping well away from their nests. Birds are very protective of their young ones, and those who try to get close for a photo risk getting pecked. Thus, if you really want to get a great picture of a bird in that environment, it is important to hide behind something and to stay very quiet.

Bird Watching Guide to Ethics Rule #2: Respect the Law

Sometimes, while bird watching in a suburban area, you might come across a beautiful bird that is on someone's property. Do not just walk onto that property to take a picture or to observe the bird. Only bird watch on private property with the permission of the owner.

Additionally, if you like to bird watch in a group in a park, pay special attention to the group laws in that park. Some parks only allow a minimal amount of bird watchers at any given time. This is done in the best interests of the birds and their environment.

Follow a Bird Watching Guide to Ethics to Ensure a Good Bird Watching Experience

Whenever you are embarking upon a hobby that involves nature, it is always important to follow the rules. After all, if no one followed the rules, there would be the risk of not being able to enjoy that hobby anymore because of damage to the environment. Those who following proper rules of conduct while bird watching will be rewarded with an enjoyable bird watching experience.