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Setting Up the Right Type of Feeder Under the Right Conditions Will Help Create an Ideal Haven for Birds

One of the best ways to attract birds to your home is to give them a place where they can eat. But simply setting up a bird feeder doesn't always work; there are different types of feeders and conditions that are ideal for attracting and then keeping birds around.

The winter is the best time to set out a feeder, since food is scarce; you're likely to attract a different variety and a large number of birds when it is colder out. However, if you do plan on setting one out in the winter, make sure there are no metal parts exposed on the feeder, for the safety and comfort of the birds. Once you start feeding birds during the winter months, make sure to keep feeding them regularly, because they are likely to get dependant on you as their food source during cold weather, and they will especially need it after winter storms.

Another thing to look for in a feeder is that it protects the food from rain, snow, as well as unwanted animals like squirrels. Also make sure that the feeder will protect the seeds from bird droppings.

When setting it up, make sure that it isn't near any predators that might put the birds in danger. For instance, if you have outdoor cats, your yard won't be a haven for birds.

If you keep these tips in mind when looking for one, chances are that you'll have an abundance of birds who want to stick around your home, now your next step is getting the right bird seed.

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