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Bird Feeder Kits: What You Should Know

What do you consider first when choosing bird feeder kits for your garden? Our guess would be the type of bird that you wish to attract, which is the obvious choice. A second very important consideration is the location of the bird feeder. Of course, when deciding on the location, you should keep the weather in mind, and ideally choose a spot that is least affected by rain or snow. Alternatively, you should choose a bird feeder so designed as to keep out the elements as far as possible. Keeping al these factors in mind, therefore, here's a selection of popular bird feeder kits that may help you settle on your final choice:

  • Small Bird Feeder Kit: This is the simplest kind of bird feeder kit and usually includes pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces that do not require additional tools for installation. In other words, only household glue is enough to put it together. Costs can range between $10 and $15.
  • Window Feeder Kit: Popular as hummingbird feeders, these kits attach to windows by means of suction cups. Prices range between $15 and $20. They are easy to install and assemble because they come with pre-cut wood pieces. The feeder usually holds one cup of bird feed and is easy to clean and refill. Moreover, the feeder basin can accommodate all kinds of seed and even some kinds of fruit and worms, attracting species like cardinals, woodpeckers, sparrows, finches, thrushes, and wrens.
  • Tubular Feeder Kit: These feeders are usually very durable and extremely 'bird-friendly'! In addition, they also help in keeping rain and snow out to a large extent. The feeder cup is easily visible so you know when a refill is due. Affordably priced, these kits cost around $15-20, once again. Typically, the kits include a bird feeder, a suet feeder, and a fruit holder. In addition, the kit also includes mounting hardware and string to hang the feeder.
  • Hummingbird Feeding Kit: These kits commonly include hummingbird nectar, cleaning brushes, and pre-cut pieces, all at a cost of $12-15.
  • Peaked Roof Bird Feeder Kit: These kits are easy to build because, once again, they comprise pre-cut and pre-drilled wood pieces that can be put together with household glue. The completed feeder tray holds about half-a-quart and is easy to maintain, in addition to being able to hold any kind of seed. The kits include string to hang the feeders.
  • Remember, bird feeder kits are widely available both online and at local suppliers'. However, make sure all the parts are included in the kit when you buy, and do not accept kits that have too many 'not included' components, or you may end up with kits that require too much effort to install and maintain.

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