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For the Birds - Your Guide to Attracting Birds in Your Backyard
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Attract a Wide Variety of Birds with a Refreshing Bird Bath

Bird baths can be the greatest attractor of a wide variety of birds; if you put just one thing in your yard for the birds, a bath would probably be the best thing. Feeders will attract a few birds, but only the ones that eat seeds, a large variety of birds rely on bugs for nourishment. With a bath, you'll attract most every type of bird in the area. Also, fresh water is often more scarce than food, so a bath might bring a larger number of birds in anyway.

Optimum conditions

When setting up your bird bath, make sure that it is shallow, no more that 3" deep, also make sure that it does not have a slippery bottom. If you purchase a bath that is slippery, you can place ordinary bath stickers down to prevent slippage. Another way to keep the birds safe is to make sure you don't set up a bath near predators, particularly cats.

If you want hummingbirds at your bath, have a water trickle or constant drip going into the bath, either via a fountain or hose setup. This will also attract more birds in general.

And finally, you want to enjoy the variety of birds that will be coming to drink and bathe! So think of placing one in a window's view, perhaps near a dining room table or a desk, so you can easily look out and enjoy your visitors.