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Create a Bird Haven in Your Own Yard!

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

-Chinese Proverb

The songs of birds are truly some of the most delightful sounds I can think of, and few things are as lovely as watching birds flitter and perch around my garden. Thats what perked my interest in attracting birds, the sheer and simple beauty of them.

Here we aim to give you the best information for attracting the types of birds you want. For instance, did you know that different types of seed will attract different types of birds? And different kinds of houses will attract different species as well? Do you want certain kinds of birds or a wide variety? This will depend on the types of supplies you put out and where you put them.

Along with finding out about what different birds prefer, you'll find much on how to attract them to your home with lovely feeders, birdbaths, houses, etc., and much on the joys of having them around.

Our articles will point you to some of the best supplies for creating a haven for the birds around your home. Youll also find numerous features on different products for the birds, information on attracting birds, as well as literary quotes on the joys that our aviary friends bring us sprinkled throughout. I hope you enjoy and find some useful items and/or information along the way.

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The holiday season really brings out the best in people. Its the time of year when kids are on their best behavior, you actually get along with your mother-in-law, and you discover your boss is a good guy after all.

Bird Feeding Without the Waste
It has happened to almost everyone who feeds outdoor pets (especially birds). You fill up the feeder, and the next day youre thrilled to see that almost all of the food is gone. Then you see it: a pile of uneaten bird food under your feeder. Sometimes it even starts to grow into a bizarre little garden born of bird food leftovers...

How To Attract the Seven Most Desired Wild Birds
Every year, more and more people are adopting outdoor pets in their back yard, whether they are squirrels, rabbits or the most popular outdoor pets of them all -- wild birds. People have loved feeding birds almost since the beginning of time, but for most of those years there wasnt much nutritional science involved. We just put bread crumbs or bird seed in the yard and took what we could get. Luckily for wild birds (and those who love to feed them), times have changed...

Window Bird Feeders Ensure Better Observation of the Birds
Observing birds and their amusing antics is a favorite pastime of many. It has great educational value as well. Bird feeders are a great way of drawing various species of birds to your little yard...

Give Your Winged Neighbors a Treat with Wild Bird Food
Wild bird feeding has emerged as a popular hobby among a large section of Americans. Today bird feeding is no longer a mere pastime that involves thrown away scraps of food...

Invite Your Feathered Friends with Wild Bird Feeders
For those of us who are fatigued by the demands of urban life, bird watching proves to be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime that directly connects us to nature. However to start a hobby in bird watching one does not need to be a specialist. One simply needs lots of patience, a good pair of binoculars and a proper bird feeder...

Sugar Water Hummingbird Food
Filling your bird feeder with a sugar water hummingbird food is a nice gesture towards these extremely agile and pretty little creatures that come into your garden...

Stone Bird Baths
Stone bird baths combine a traditional and aristocratic style of decoration with an awareness of your environment and those who share it with you...

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for Hassle Free Bird Feeding
Who does not enjoy the funny antics of squirrels? However, bird lovers are not always pleased to see them prancing around in the garden. This is because these little creatures are quite infamous for wreaking havoc on the bird feeders. They not only waste the expensive birdseeds stored to attract wild birds, they also scare away their winged rivals and make a mess of the bird feeder itself...

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